Sea, Sand and Sun - The Beauty of Rum Point in the Cayman Islands

Apr 09, 2018
Sea, Sand and Sun - The Beauty of Rum Point in the Cayman Islands

Sea, Sand and Sun - The Beauty of Rum Point in the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, offers a perfect escape from your routine. It is among the most popular destinations in the western Caribbean, and its scenic beaches provide a haven for those seeking peace and serenity. One of these is the beach at Rum Point, where you can enjoy a variety of activities, ranging from leisurely walks (or time in a hammock!) to water sports.

Visiting Rum Point is one of the top things to do in the Cayman Islands. Tourists love its out-of-the-way beauty and calm swimming cove, and locals enjoy it as a quiet weekend retreat. Here are three features of Rum Point that make it popular with vacationers from all over the world:

  • Clear, Shallow Sea and Shady Beach

Rum Point offers a calm, clear swimming cove in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, on the North coast of Grand Cayman. The area is perfect for families, as the protected swimming area is small enough to keep an eye on the kids and still large enough to never feel crowded. An added plus: large Casuarina trees provide lots of shady areas on the beach, and hammocks are available for a truly relaxing beach experience.

  • Activities for Everyone

When you’re ready for more activity, there are plenty to enjoy at Rum Point. The beach has volleyball nets, and you can choose to swim, go snorkeling or rent a sailboat or a wave-runner.

  • Pristine White Sand and Handy Facilities

Rum Point is an ideal place to walk barefoot, dig your toes in the white sand and enjoy all the amenities. Rum Point has a restaurant and beach bar that offer island-favourite food and beverages, souvenir shops, and changing rooms and showers. Everything you need is right there on the secluded beach for added convenience.

Tour Grand Cayman like a Local

The best way to get the most out of your vacation is to take a tour - it’s an easy, convenient way to enjoy the Cayman experience. Our Grand Cayman all inclusive excursions offer options to suit your interests and your schedule. Our Rum Point stop on the Starfish Point and Stingray City tour in Cayman is just one example of our many options. Join that tour and hold a starfish in your hand, interact with stingrays and snorkel among an array of corals and tropical fish. Reserve your see and sea tours or water based tours in Cayman to experience the exotic beauty that Grand Cayman has to offer.