The Cayman Islands Offers an Escape for Adults & an Adventure for Kids

Mar 28, 2018
The Cayman Islands Offers an Escape for Adults & an Adventure for Kids

The Cayman Islands Offers an Escape for Adults & an Adventure for Kids

The Cayman Islands is a great choice when it comes to destination weddings, business establishment, and real estate investment. But knowing the island only for these is equivalent to seeing just one side while neglecting the fun that it offers.

It is about time to pack your bags and plan your family trip to see the other side of the Cayman Islands that includes exciting adventures, thrilling experience and a bunch of memories for a lifetime. The Cayman Islands offers a much-needed stress-free break from the routine to adults and concurrently doesn’t ignore the wishes of kids for an adventurous vacation.

Below are some places that will take you as well as your kid on a thrilling adventure which should be included in your list of Grand Cayman excursions:

Tourists Swimming with Stingrays in Cayman

Stingray City

Found on one of the largest sandbars, Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is an ideal place to feed, swim, play and even kiss the stingrays. It is located on the North Sound of the Grand Cayman and sports at least 90 southern stingrays.

Stingray City has established naturally decades ago, when fishermen came by the shallow sandbar to clean their fish. The stingrays were fed guts & squids by these fishermen. Due to which, stingrays gradually got habituated to gather on these sandbars as soon as they heard the noise of motor boat, leading to the creation of this beautiful Stingray City.

It is once-in-a-lifetime experience for those visiting the Cayman Islands. You can also hire private charters for a Stingray City tour.

Turtle Farm

Fascinating Turtles at Cayman Turtle Farm

Christopher Columbus was immensely inspired by the massive amount of sea turtles that he initially named the island as ‘Las Tortugas’, which was later changed to the Cayman Islands.

Today, the population of turtles has dramatically plummeted. Cayman Turtle Farm strives to increase this number. It is home to almost 7000 sea turtles and many other creatures like sharks, fish, and birds. Explore the rich heritage and culture of Cayman and delve into the natural beauty of the colourful gardens in the Turtle Farm.

Your trip to the Turtle Farm will be fun-filled and simultaneously help you to learn more about Cayman kind.

Rum Point

Traverse the wonderful beach vacation destination - Rum Point, located on the North Side of the Grand Cayman. There is something for everyone here. While kids can play in the shallow water, the adults can revel in the various water sport activities like snorkeling and diving or simply sit and appreciate its scenic beauty.

Starfish Point

The tranquility of this breathtakingly beautiful location - Starfish Point, is contagious. It is home to many colourful starfish, which is also the reason how it got its name. The beach overlooks North Sound in Grand Cayman, due to which its shallow and transparent water is often calm and serene.

Book a starfish point tour in the Cayman Islands right away to sunbathe, see a congregation of these amazing Starfish or spend some ‘Me’ time.

So, visit the other side of the Cayman Islands that locals adore and are glad to be a part of. Plan your perfect family vacation with our affordable sea tours in the Cayman Islands and see the magic unweave in front of you.