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Tour Detail

Tour Detail

Tours Cayman is a local family-owned, operated company with over 20 years of experience in tours and beach excursions.

At Tours Cayman, we aim to offer exciting tours, excellent services, and reasonable prices, giving you the best value for your money. Visiting the island by cruise ships, Tours Cayman offers a variety of tours geared towards offering cruise visitors value for their money while providing excellent service and quality tours. Experience the thrill of interacting with stingrays on our world-famous Stingray City excursion, then snorkel at a remote area of our beautiful reef.

Explore Grand Cayman on our island tours and enjoy a beach barbecue with an incredible view. With over 20 years of experience, we provide excellent service at the best price.

Stingray City Tour Grand Cayman


Stingray City is a natural sandbar located about 4.3 miles from shore. Here you can stand in the waist-high water of the sandbar while the stingrays swim around you. It is here that wild, friendly Stingrays gather daily to eat and interact with visitors.

The kind of stingrays that stay in Grand Cayman is known as Southern Atlantic stingrays or Southern rays. The female Southern Atlantic stingray can develop to a disc diameter of up to 150cm, or nearly 5ft, weighing up to 200lbs. Meanwhile, the much smaller male stingray can attain sizes up to 67cm in diameter, or simply a little over 2ft. Besides the most important dimension difference, you can additionally differentiate the male stingrays from the female by their two reproductive organs, each located on either side of their tail. In captivity, these Southern stingrays have a lifespan between 12 to 24 years.

These female stingrays are extremely friendly and love to get their belly rubbed while resting in your arms under the water and even give kisses to show their playful personalities. If you have not had a chance to visit this top exotic attraction, we highly recommend you do. You will not regret it and it will be an experience of a lifetime! Our onboard photographers will catch every moment so you can cherish your memories.



Snorkel with us through the beautiful Coral Gardens and coral reefs where some of the most exquisite tropical sea life awaits. Enjoy the variety of endless coral that spans the Barrier Reef.  

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is located in various locations about 200 yards south of the coral reef. Here you'll encounter an incredible variety of tropical fish, stunning Moray eels, amazing underwater plants, and an array of other sea life. This is a great option for young kids as we can back the boat right up to the coral heads, which are only in 8-10ft of water.  

Coral Reef

Our Coral Reef stretches all along the North, East, and South sides of the island and is 10 feet of clear, turquoise water. It separates the open Caribbean Sea from the shallow waters of the North Sound. This shallow body of water is sheltered by this magnificent reef that protects our snorkel areas from large rolling waves, making the waters much calmer for us in the bay.

Masks, snorkels, and life vests are provided at no extra cost for your convenience.

Starfish Point Grand Cayman


Starfish point is a sheltered beach that is home to one of the most interesting sea creatures: The Red Cushion Starfish (oleaster reticulates), which is the most common sea star you will find along the white sand beaches at Starfish Point. Their colors vary from intense shades of red, orange, and yellow to warm hues of brown and green.  

Before entering the beach at Starfish Point our guides will teach you how to properly handle the starfish. The most important to bear in mind when visiting Starfish Point is: DO NOT TAKE STARFISH OUT OF THE WATER! Starfish need water to breathe and eat, so taking them out of the water can be devastating to their metabolic systems. You can easily admire and take pictures of the starfish through the crystal clear, shallow waters. Also, removing starfish from the water is illegal and can result in a hefty fine.

Turtle Center

Turtle Center

Visit the turtle farm and join the excitement. Enjoy this fun, informational excursion to the world’s only turtle farm, at the Grand Cayman Turtle Centre. Originally built as a farm to keep up with the demand for turtle meat and other products, it has since become a conservation center focused on reducing the dependency on the wild population of sea turtles. The facility is used as a scientific and research center, and also is a breeding facility, so that more turtles can be released into the sea.

Discover everything about the Cayman turtles. Learn the history of how turtles were vital to the growth and development of the Cayman Islands.  

Rum Point

Rum Point

As part of your combination, Stingray City Tour enjoy a stop at the famous Rum Point Beach. Enjoy an exotic drink from the bar with your included lunch and relax in a hammock. Take it easy your on vacation!

Beach BBQ

Beach BBQ

Enjoy fresh delicious island food on our beach BBQ along Seven Mile Beach. Experience the Caribbean flavors with local recipes and ingredients – including local fish, a variety of meats, and salads. 

Furthermore, you can relax and take in the view, or enjoy a drink nearby at Calico Jack's Beach Bar.